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Is A College Degree Necessary?

Introduction Employers are looking beyond college degrees when assessing job candidates and focusing more on the knowledge and expertise an individual can bring to their


Important English Learning Tips for Adults

The advantage for learning English when you are older are logical thinking and ability to understand current events.
Analyze the needs: Understand why and which English skill you need to use to be effective in achieving your goal.

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How many hours does it take to learn English?

2200 hours said to require to master English
The most important thing is not to give up and keep going
Continuous commitment for self-learning is the key for mastering English.


Speaking English with Confidence

How can you move from being “embarrassed” to speaking English with confidence? This comes from the feelings of embarrassment such as “What if I make a mistake…”, “I can’t pronounce it well…”, and “I don’t want people around me to think I can’t do it…”, which makes speaking English very difficult.

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